So Your Company isn’t Footing the Bill for New Headshots?


by Amanda D’Aquila / Suggestions from the AEFP studio procrastinatrix

Anyone in business knows: sometimes, doing something yourself is the best way to get it done. While there are many things that can only be handled through diplomacy, proper management channels and ‘getting everyone on board’, some are simply a matter of taking initiative and going first.

It’s undeniable that having a professional photo is beneficial for your personal marketability. As for your company, an expert team is the best commodity that any business can have… and customers respond to people (that’s why even the most recognizable brands routinely employ spokespeople). People respond to people. People trust people. People love people. The same often can’t be said for a corporation. A.E. Fletcher Photography consistently works with businesses that understand this principle.

If your company isn’t ready to update and humanize their website with executive and staff photos right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reap all the benefits of a professional photo. Just as businesses are made from their people, their people’s success reflects well on the business. In most cases, no one will stop you from looking good and promoting your online presence, booking speaking engagements or publishing expert articles. This initiative and positive notoriety reflects back on positively for your employer. Wouldn’t we all like to be in the position that our bosses are inspired to keep us (and keep us happy)?

Booking a professional photography session at A.E. Fletcher Photography is a powerful step in self-promotion. When dealing with our many corporate clients we say, “When you are media worthy, it’s important to look media worthy.” We will make sure that your best, media-worthy self shines through in your headshot.

Our headquarters is conveniently located in Downtown Brooklyn and provides a professional setting, great light and a comfortable experience. To find out more about booking an individual session with Amy, contact us.



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