Stop Hiding from the Camera!


by Amanda D’Aquila / Suggestions from the AEFP studio procrastinatrix*

A while ago we were contacted by a potential client who really liked the AEFP style, and was excited to refresh all of the management team headshots. Then the first delay: the team was looking pale, so we needed to wait until spring. Then some were out of town, then there was a “bad haircut”, then one exec requested a few more months to lose a few extra pounds. To this day, this successful, media-worthy management team is represented by unflattering photos that are 6 years old.



I know what you are going through. You’ve known for some time that getting a good professional headshot will help your internet presence. You know that LinkedIn is a necessary evil. You know that you need a top-notch photo to send out with next month’s press release. You know that the one photo cropped from a wedding shot with a flower boutonniere just won’t cut it. You are right, good thinking.

Next steps, you’ve contacted a recommended professional photographer, you like the portfolio and you know it’s a worthwhile investment. All there is to do is schedule the shoot.

Here’s the thing: there is really never a ‘right time’ to do something. So why do you continue putting it off? It is because you think you might look pale, heavy, uncool? Unfortunately, an out of date photo is already making you look uncool! A ghost profile, aka “no picture available,” can be even worse. Anyone, who has ever tried online dating, knows if you don’t have a photo, there’s probably a reason. This stands true in the business world as well. Your potential clients might think (subconsciously) that if you have a severely outdated photo, your ideas and expertise might be out-of-date as well.

Don’t spend an extra 2 years sporting the same old bad photo just because you are trying to lose that last bit of winter weight. And there is some good news: you are much better looking than you give yourself credit for (even if you’ve lost your tan or lost some hair). And if you pick the right photographer, you will wish you hadn’t put it off so long.

Give up the fight and let a professional take it from here. After all, you already look exactly like someone who is good at their job. And, on a more personal level, if you really are feeling too fat to be photographed, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.



AEFP Studio Manager & Procrastinatrix

*everyone needs a procrastinatrix