About Your Teeth...

looks like you've got a little lunch in there!


by Amy Fletcher / notes from AEFP HQ

Many of you are familiar with our “quick advice to look nice”. Our regulars are well versed in the dos and don’ts of preparing for their corporate headshot. And as much as we like to give you a hard time about your crazy tie choice, fidgeting out of the perfect headshot position, or giving a cheesy fake smile (we are determined to get a real one from you), there is one thing we hate mentioning... That bread in your teeth from the delicious sandwich you had at lunch! Or maybe it's some spinach from that uber-healthy salad!

Taking a quick look in the mirror (or flashing your teeth to a trusted friend) before stepping in front of the camera can alleviate this problem. Nobody wants to be the bearer of such news, but we will mention it when we see it... and there are occasions when we may miss it initially. Food in teeth is not the most difficult thing to remove with Photoshop, but it’s certainly not the most pleasant part of retouching.


So remember ladies and gents, don’t wear white (it washes you out), bring your best smile (or we'll need to tell you bad jokes), and CHECK YOUR TEETH!

Now back to the fun stuff.