The right photograph can make all the difference when it comes to showcasing your clients.


by Audra Tiner 

CEO, Articulate Communications

As communications professionals, our goal is to tell a comprehensive story that presents our clients in a positive light. We construct bios, pitches, case studies, live events and more in an effort to showcase their unique offerings, articulate their value and differentiate them from the field.

One thing we can’t overlook is the importance of also being excellent visual storytellers. We can secure a brilliant editorial piece that includes quotes, testimonials and the full PR package, but if we lack the right supporting photographs and materials, we are missing a huge opportunity. Capturing the personality of a client with the right photograph is integral to our greater goal, and can transform a good piece into a great one. In the same vein, pairing the wrong visual with even the strongest story can decrease the impact of the piece.

We all know that coaxing the right emotion and energy level from our subjects can often be a challenge. The secret is to find a photographer with an eye for framing a distinctive shot, a creative approach to even the most straightforward assignments, and a personality that puts the subject at ease. What you ultimately want is a partner with a willingness to work in concert with you and your client to ensure every piece conveys the desired message and delivers the maximum value.

Each of our clients has a unique story to tell, and it is our job to communicate it with as much soul and range as possible. By ensuring our client’s personality and individuality shines through, a communications pro and their photographer can truly bring a story to life.

*Originally printed in AEFP FOCUSED Issue 1 / Volume 1