Thanks to Mom, AEFP Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

A.E. Fletcher Photography Celebrates 10 Years

In early 2006, my mom had a vivid dream about me. In this dream she saw that I had a very successful photography business, employed other photographers, and had clients around the world. So she urged me to quit my day job and go for it. 

As my day job, I had been doing photography for a department store catalog (photographing George Foreman Grills, pots and pans, flatware, etc). On the side, I had been photographing "breakfast briefings" and cover stories for publications at Incisive Media, my first real client, and occasionally shooting business headshots for anyone who needed one. My corporate photography business had begun to grow. Calling in "sick" and being late to the department store job just wasn't cutting it anymore!

Later that year, with my mom's dream in mind, I finally decided to quit my day job because I was getting so much freelance work. It was time to start my photography business! When I told my roommate, she said "That's great! Congrats! I'll need you to move out by the end of the month." 

Within two weeks of quitting my job, I found my own apartment that would double as home office, promptly tripling my rent, and A.E. Fletcher Photography was born.

Here we are 10 years later... Over the next several months, I will be celebrating this momentous anniversary by making 10 blog posts relaying crucial photo-related information, client case studies, historical (occasionally hilarious) stories about my early days, and contests and giveaways that can get a "natural" smile from anyone... and you all know how I feel about genuine, natural smiles. 

I'd like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to my friends, family, colleagues, and clients who have helped us get this far!!! And a special thank you to my mom and dad for believing in me.

xo Amy