Fancy Passport Photos!

It’s been 10 years... time for an upgrade?

Have you always dreamed of having great passport photo rather than that unflattering mugshot from the local CVS? Well, now you can! You could be jet setting in style! Join us in celebrating A.E. Fletcher Photography’s 10-year anniversary and we'll upgrade your photo.

Contact us at to hear more about getting a new fancy passport photo in Downtown Brooklyn between now and the end of December 2017.

ADD TO A STANDARD HEADSHOT SESSION: Passport photos are FREE when added to a standard natural-light headshot session at AEFP between now and the end of the year. You just need to ask for it. Contact for more details.

PASSPORT SESSION ONLY:  You only need a passport photo, not a headshot? On scheduled days throughout 2017, you can visit AEFP for a new passport photo. For $80 you’ll get a passport photo (and a cup of coffee and a laugh)... smile for the camera, select your favorite photo (yes, you get to choose!), we'll make sure it looks great, and you'll walk out with prints ready to go. For an additional $20, we'll email you the digital file! Ask us about upcoming “Passport Days”.

(DISCLAIMER: Yes, we realize this offer is not for everyone... If you don't travel often, you may feel that this is a ridiculous amount to pay for a simple passport photo. But there are some people who just want to look GOOD!)